If you have a Shotgun Certificate, you're welcome to visit and shoot our clays. Brook Bank isn't a club - everyone is welcome, and everyone pays the same price for their clays.

We shoot most disciplines at Brook Bank, but probably most practice shooters are interested in sporting - we offer the English variety!

The following disciplines are available:

  • Down The Line - £8.50 per round
  • Automatic Ball Trap - £8.50 per round
  • Universal Trench - £8.50 per round
  • Olympic Trap - £8.50 per round
  • English Skeet - £8.50 per round
  • English Sporting - 0.35p per clay

Olympic Skeet can be available by appointment.

We choose to operate a cartridge restriction Thursday-Saturdays, when we only permit the use of Hull or Fiocchi brands - which we sell, but we don't insist you buy them from us. On Sundays, when we normally host a CPSA registered (trap or skeet) competition, the cartridge restriction is waived/cancelled. Fibre wad cartridges only, permitted on the sporting.

For our opening times, please check our Calendar.

We're pleased to offer a snack bar where we sell refreshments - Italian coffee and home-made cakes!

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