Do I need to be a member to shoot?

No, Brook Bank operates a 'play & pay' system - everyone is welcome.

Do I need a valid Shotgun Certificate?

You need to have a Shotgun Certificate to enable you to shoot alone/practice, but if you're new to clay shooting, you can book a session with an instructor which includes gun hire.

Do you supply ear plugs and eyewear?

We can provide you with ear and eye protection.

Can I borrow a gun?

If you have a valid Shotgun Certificate we can hire you a shotgun (notice required).

What is a good age for children to start shooting?

There is no minimum legal age for using a shotgun, but we generally say from 12 years, but it all depends on the child's physical strength.

Do I need to book?

Yes, you need to book (deposit required) if you'd like to book a session with an instructor, but not for practice with your own shotgun.

If I book some lessons how much is it?

Lessons cost from £60 per hour plus clays and cartridges. Novice packages (including instructor & gun hire) are from £43 for 25 shots.

Do you have a fibre-wad cartridge rule?

Yes & No. Fibre wad cartridges only for sporting, plastic wad is allowed for trap & skeet disciplines.

Can I bring my own cartridges?

This is a good one. We like to limit the cartridges used between Thursday - Saturday to the brands which we sell (Hull & Fiocchi), although, you don't have to buy them from us, but our prices are very competitive. On Sundays, we will relax this rule as we normally hold Registered (CPSA) competitions, but all cartridges must conform to current CPSA rules and regulations.

Can I shoot steel cartridges at Brook Bank? 

No, steel cartridges are not allowed at Brook Bank.

Do I need to belong to the Clay Pigeon Shooting Association to shoot at Brook Bank?

No, but we recommend that if you own a shotgun, you join either the CPSA, BASC or The Countryside Alliance - these associations include personal liability insurance as a membership benefit - just in case!