Covid 19 Announcement

Following the CPSA’s announcement last Thursday, we’re pleased to be able to inform you that we will be opening Brook Bank from 12pm this Friday 22 May 2020 - but, under special circumstances.

Those of you who are CPSA members will be pleased to hear that members insurance will not be affected by the new guidance.

The CPSA’s message is ‘Shoot Safe, Stay Safe’ - we will explain how this will happen at BB.

Please contact us to make your 1-hour booking slot - email is preferable to us:

The rules/guidelines we have followed/adapted are issued by the Government - we don’t expect you to have read them all, so we have summarised them below.

‘Shoot Safe, Stay Safe’ at Brook Bank

The government has announced that people can go outside more than once a day for exercise, alone, with members of their household, or with 1 person from outside of their household as long as they are following social distancing guidelines. You must still only exercise (shoot) in groups of no more than 2 people, unless you are exercising exclusively with members of your household.

It is paramount that we ensure the safety and wellbeing of our staff and customers (shooters). We have adapted rules/guidance from the CPSA &/or GOV.UK websites in order to suit our situation.


Clinically vulnerable people

If you have any of the following health conditions, you are clinically vulnerable, meaning you are at higher risk of severe illness from coronavirus. You are advised to stay at home as much as possible and, if you do go out, take particular care to minimise contact with others outside your household.

Clinically vulnerable people are those who are:

  • aged 70 or older (regardless of medical conditions)
  • under 70 with an underlying health condition listed below (that is, anyone instructed to get a flu jab each year on medical grounds):
  • chronic (long-term) mild to moderate respiratory diseases, such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), emphysema or bronchitis
  • chronic heart disease, such as heart failure
  • chronic kidney disease
  • chronic liver disease, such as hepatitis
  • chronic neurological conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease, motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis (MS), or cerebral palsy
  • diabetes
  • a weakened immune system as the result of certain conditions, treatments like chemotherapy, or medicines such as steroid tablets
  • being seriously overweight (a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or above)
  • pregnant women

As above, there is a further category of people with serious underlying health conditions who are clinically extremely vulnerable, meaning they are at very high risk of severe illness from coronavirus. You, your family and carers should be aware of the guidance on shielding which provides information on how to protect yourself still further should you wish to.

We advise anyone who is unwell with cold or flu-like symptoms, (such as a high temperature, continuous cough, breathing difficulties), should not attend and stay home until they've completed the recommended period of self-isolation and recovered fully.

Those who are considered in a high-risk group (section above) should not attend.

Those who have recently been in close contact with someone with coronavirus or visited a high-risk area should stay home until they've completed the recommended period of self-isolation.


Sharing equipment

The only equipment you will share will be the button activation units & coin tokens - the computers and buttons will be cleaned with anti-viral spray at regular intervals. We remind you to wash your hands properly and regularly. The spring is being de-activated from the cloakroom door & the door will be left open at all times. We are providing soap & hot & cold water for hand washing - you may also chose to bring your own hand sanitiser if you wish.

  • Seating in the cafe - all chairs have been removed to discourage social gatherings.
  • Personal space - a safe distance has been setup along the length of the counter to ensure the safety of the staff & those paying.
  • Catering & refreshments - Initially only take-away coffee/tea will be available to purchase.
  • Spent cartridges - please ensure these are left in the bins on the shooting stands.
  • Personal rubbish - please take away and dispose of in your own home.
  • Ventilation - We will open the lodge windows to allow more air to enter the lodge.
  • Upon completion of shooting - plan to leave straight away, so as to avoid further contact & free up parking spaces.
  • Please pay by card if possible.
  • Cartridge brand restrictions still apply - Fiocchi & Hull only please.
  • Bring your own gloves, hand sanitiser if you wish - we are providing soap, hot & cold water for hand washing.
  • We encourage customers with suitable mobile phones to download the NHSX digital contract tracing app.
  • Expect to queue & follow social distancing guidelines when queueing.
  • Entry times will be staggered to limit the numbers of persons on the ground.
  • Skeet & Trap layouts will have to be booked in advance for 1-hour slots (during busy periods) & they will be for a minimum of 100 targets each person.
  • Sporting will require pre-booking & you can use the solo system or shoot with 1 other person (or your family).
  • Purchases of cartridges should be made in advance and can then be delivered to the shooter’s car on arrival (e.g. phone/click and collect).



Tel: 01749 871 055 or 07773 488 018 or email