‘Shoot Safe, Stay Safe’ at Brook Bank

1 July 2020

The government has announced that people can recommence clay shooting. Groups to be limited to 6 individuals - who must socially distance at all times.

We require that all shooting - practice and competition entries, to be pre-booked - preferably by email.

Everyone is to maintain a distance between each other, at least 2 meters (about 3 steps) where possible.

Social distancing is as important after shooting as it is during a round, so when shooting is over, all shooters must leave the site immediately so that there are no gatherings around the clubhouse/lodge area.

It is paramount that we ensure the safety and wellbeing of our staff and customers (shooters). We have adapted rules & guidance from the CPSA &/or GOV.UK websites for our situation.

We advise anyone who is unwell with cold or flu-like symptoms, (such as a high temperature, continuous cough, breathing difficulties), should not attend and stay home until they've completed the recommended period of self-isolation and recovered fully.

Those who have recently been in close contact with someone with coronavirus or visited a high-risk area should stay home until they've completed the recommended period of self-isolation.


Sharing equipment

The only equipment you will share will be the button activation units & coin tokens - the computers and buttons will be cleaned with anti-viral spray at regular intervals. We remind you to wash your hands properly and regularly. The spring is being de-activated from the cloakroom door & the door will be left open at all times. We are providing soap & hot & cold water for hand washing - you may also chose to bring your own hand sanitiser if you wish.

  • Seating in the cafe - all chairs have been removed to discourage social gatherings.
  • Personal space - a safe distance has been setup along the length of the counter to ensure the safety of the staff & those paying.
  • Spent cartridges - please ensure these are left in the bins on the shooting stands.
  • Personal rubbish - please take away and dispose of in your own home.
  • Ventilation - We will open the lodge windows to allow more air to enter the lodge.
  • Please pay by card if possible.
  • Cartridge brand restrictions still apply - Fiocchi & Hull only please.
  • Entry times will be staggered to limit the numbers of persons on the ground.
  • Skeet & Trap will have to be booked in advance.
  • Sporting will require pre-booking & you can use the solo system or shoot with 1 other person (or your family).
  • Purchases of cartridges should be made in advance and can then be delivered to the shooter’s car on arrival (e.g. phone/click and collect).



Tel: 01749 871 055 or 07773 488 018 or email info@brookbankshooting.co.uk